Our long lasting experience in engineering of software dedicated for insurers combined with experience of our management drawn from insurers resulted in birth of IT solution ISA (Insurance & Surety Administration) designed for small and medium insurers.

ISA is built with generic modules:

  • Policy administration

  • Claims management

  • Brokers/Agents/Direct sales team administration

  • Reinsurance plans

  • Contact management (CRM) 

  • Surety administration – specialty insurance 

  • Limits/Information/Ratings – specialty insurance

  • Reporting module

  • Clients/Brokers Portal

Each and every module is built from elements (bricks), corresponding with a profile and products offered by an insurer. The same elements like bricks can be combined and used differently for an erection of an IT solution for almost all insurers. ISA might be implemented en bloc and integrated with supporting systems (financial, docs management, data warehouse, etc.) or particular module could be connected to the existing business IT systems. Flexibility and speed of implementation are the biggest advantages of ISA. ISA is multiproduct, multicurrency, multilanguage and multitax solution. Single instance can serve business operations in tens of countries. Thanks to its flexibility ISA could serve as an IT tool for brokers for portfolio management and clients support platform.

Please contact Jacek Stawicki (E:, M: +48 609 37 57 86) for more information.


SpreAD – is an innovative Digital Signage system, created by Accuratus. It is dynamic medium giving a wide range of opportunities in communication, commercials, promotion, entertainment. It is an excellent form of communication between broadcaster and recipient/customer. It is a set of tools necessary to build modern channels of multimedia communications through electronic presentation of audio/video content on multimedia carrier network like LED/LCD screens, video wall, interactive kiosks. 

Key functions

  • Multiple areas with wide selection of file types

  • Full control of broadcasted material through playlists and schedules

  • Usage of free format text with flow management (scroll) 

  • Live transmission of any event (streaming) 

  • Infokiosk or on-line shop functionality

  • Social media integration (Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook) 

  • Interactive presentation

We also provide:

  • Consulting from planning till implementation and maintenance

  • Maintenance: we act before the customer notices a problem

  • Maintenance on-site to minimise interruption in the operation of the system

  • Alternative equipment in case of malfunction

  • Detailed reports/statistics

  • Complete Digital Signage system with long term support, possibilities to enhance functionality.

Please contact Jacek Stawicki (E:, M: +48 609 37 57 86) for more information.


Accuratus’ strategic goal is the creation and delivery of software of the highest quality. Services rendered by our company
not only lead to the attainment of optimal system efficiency, but will also significantly rationalise costs. 
Accuratus is composed by experienced programmers and designers whose practical experience in the creation and the building of advanced database systems helps solve our clients’ IT problems. In accordance with the company’s mission, our specialists apply world-class solutions and project modelling standards as well as the management thereof. Our unique attitude to each of our clients also makes us stand out amongst competitors. In practice, this implies the coding and design of unique programmes. In software, we are an all rounder, yet unique. Thanks to our experience in both Poland and abroad we are in a position not only to identify specific needs, but also create reasonable and lasting solutions. Our specialists handle a lot of IT projects for both small and large businesses as well as for organs of public administration. We utilize design, creation and application documentation techniques which guarantee our clients continuous quality service. 

Some of the services offered by Accuratus include:

  • IT consulting services

  • Programming outsourcing – quality programming services based on unique solutions

  • Creation and implementation of CRM systems dedicated to the management of customer relationships

  • Implementation of business analytics systems such as Business Intelligence as well as advanced HR management systems – ERP.

  • Implementation of a company’s workflow systems

  • Online business data analytics based on postgreSQL databases and J2EE2 technology

  • Billing software and records management systems

  • Creation and provision of data storage systems

  • Virtualisations, migrations, upgrades

  • Systems integration

To find out more about our services, please contact Jacek Stawicki (E:, M: +48 609 37 57 86).